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Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to fat loss success. It’s a life-long effort, and having the right mindset is the most important consideration. Common sense is another big point. And we’ve learnt this the hard way.

Like most people trying to burn fat and get fit, we’ve spent a lot of time (and of course money) searching for and trying out many diet plans and workout programs over the years. We’ve said “I’ll start tomorrow” countless times. We’ve tried to find the best solution for our individual needs. We’ve tested many products on the market, popular programs and some little-known ones. Well, we have to confess, we haven’t done it the smart and safe way always. With so many spams and gimmicks around, you can easily fall for the wrong ones, no?

We can’t count how many times we felt like we’re total failures. We can’t count how many times we went to our favourite search engine and typed “help me lose weight”. We’ve browsed through related information just thinking “why I can’t burn fat”. Well, over the years, we’ve heard about all of the “secrets”. Some things were simpler than we’ve thought. (Or, were they?)

The best diet is the one that fits into your lifestyle, isn’t it? Simple, eh? We wish we could turn that flabby tummy into strong ribbed abs in a short time by eating our favourite foods, doing our sedentary office work 9 to 5, doing the must-do’s in our daily routines, sitting on our comfy couch all night long.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could drop pounds by taking a magic pill? Do we really have to go through all of that “eat healthy and be active” thing?

It’s really easy to make up sentences like “everything changed when we discovered the hidden secret about…”. Remember again, it’s a life-long effort! It’s been a long hard road! It’s one long learning process! And believe that, it’s not harder than carrying those extra pounds. Both physically and mentally.

So did we achieve our weight loss goals? (Proudly yes, we’re now free from those excess fat. Keeping the weight off is another story.)

Are we gonna bombard you with “I’ve lost XX pounds” stories? (We’re not sales people. If we use someone’s success story, it’s just to remind you what people can achieve and of course, you can too.)

Sharing is the way to go. We have a good knowledge of weight loss topics, and we’d like to do all of the research for you. Browsing our categories of Diet & Nutrition, Fitness & Exercise, Motivation & Self-Help, Healthy Recipes, if you’d like us to cover a specific topic, just let us know clicking here. We’ll try our best scanning through the best information sources.

During the “learn how to burn body fat” process (name it whatever you like), we’ve tested the “secrets”. Some worked for us, some not. Let’s say, one fat loss plan turned out to be the best for one of us, but it didn’t work for another of us. We’ve also learnt that sometimes you should combine two or more weight loss programs to generate the best results for yourself. This is simply the number one reason why we have a Recommended Products section.

Developing the right mindset is an adventure, choosing the right products for your individual needs is another. Think of it like dating. (In this case, our website will work like a matchmaking system if you wish). Find someone you’re attracted to (weight loss product), let them take you on a date so you can get to know them (test it), and if you like what you see, invite them further into your life (focus on it). If you’d like the relationship to last, you need to put good effort in it.

P.S. Yes… we are real people! =)

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