15 Fat Burning Tricks – Stop Winter Weight Gain!

If you’re inclined to winter weight gain, you’re not alone. Weight gain during winter is a common problem and it’s not all because of what we eat during holiday seasons. Every winter we add a few pounds which may result in obesity in the long run. And when summer comes, we don’t lose those extra pounds all again either. We can hide an excess belly fat under winter clothing, but the ugly truth will be revealed out when we put on those spring fashions.

It’s really bad news that weight gained over the winter season is not lost during the rest of the year. Effects of yearly weight gain during winter is likely the major contributor to the significant increase in body weight that occurs during adulthood.

In addition to being less active, we tend adopt a less healthy diet and eat more when the weather is cold. We want to eat as much as often as possible during the food scarce winter days. Did you know that this is because we have a genetic disposition to store more fat as weather gets cold? It was vital to survival for our ancestors, but for us?

Another contributing factor is our hormone levels and it’s no joke. Hormones and other chemicals in the brain interact with each other and this may bring about variations in appetite and cravings. Add the lack of daylight to this. People who feel low in energy are tend to overeat or eat the wrong foods that give us a fast blood sugar ‘fix’. This is a vicious cycle and it’s hard to break it, right?

What can you do to avoid winter weight gain which makes you a little heavier every year? Work these useful tricks to your daily life and you’ll be able to get surprising results.


Soups and stews that are rich with tomato and broth should be added to your meals. Vegetable stews are low in sodium. Tomato or broth soup eaten as an appetizer can fill you up so you eat fewer calories during the meal.


Eat lots of lean protein so you can feel full and satisfied. Modify your meals with soy protein products. Here is how!


Add water to your friend list. Drink plenty of water between meals and at meals.


Limit portion sizes but remember that portion control is beneficial only if you eat the right foods.


You should use only lean meats in soups, casseroles and other dishes.


If you are using high fat ingredients in your recipes to add more flavor to your meals, you are on the wrong way. Replace those ingredients with spices and peppers.


People tend to consume more milk-based products in winter season. Use low-fat or fat-free ones. You can use these instead of cream in recipes also.


Instead of whole egg in a recipe, use two egg whites.


Simplified menus and limited food choices can make the process easier. Because this way you are not tempted to eat everything.


It’s vital to balance consuming of comfort foods. Be picky and use only the healthy recipes.


Stick to your routine in this high-risk season. If you eat more than you need one day, then get your diet plans right back on track the next day.


Not all high carb foods are wrong foods. If your body craves for cookies, pies and chocolate, eat potatoes, wholegrain bread (without butter), wholegrain rice, cereals, and fresh whole fruit. Results may surprise you! These foods are high carb ones but they have low fat content and plenty of fiber.


30 minutes of physical activity each day will help you boost your metabolism. You don’t need a fitness club membership for this. There are plenty of good home workout programs out there.


We have a tendency to want to stay home and rest in these cold days, but come on we are not cavemen! Take a walk outside to give your body a chance to produce vitamin D. Natural sunlight is what you need.


Do not miss chances to burn extra calories. Going up a floor or two? Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Winter weight gain is easily avoidable this way. Remember that, it’s easier to keep your weight stable and maintain it than to lose weight.

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