Green Tea as A Natural Fat Burner

How can green tea help you lose weight quickly? How is it possible?

Green tea is one of the most popular products in the market. It’s been considered a powerful and natural weight loss supplement, so millions of people worldwide including celebrities (like Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Lopez to name a few) work some green tea into their diets. For Hollywood stars, in order to maintain their business and fame, it’s vital to get fit and stay in shape, right? So why not minding what they discover through their weight loss journey? They are always looking for some new alternatives to popular weight loss products for weight control success.

For the last two decades, green tea has been a top choice for those who want to lose extra pounds. Remember when Dr. Nicholas Perricone discussed the endless benefits of replacing our beloved coffee with green tea on Oprah? That was when millions of people have learnt that they could lose 10 pounds in like 6 weeks just by choosing green tea over coffee. Then Oprah herself admitted that she lost those pounds with the help of green tea diet.

Celebrities are not the only people who worry about their looks. We all want to get fit and look great and unlike most of those celebs, we need to take care of our budgets while trying to lose weight too. Of course there’s always something new going popular when it comes to weight loss supplements but not all of them are good for our budgets. If you’ve been tracking most popular green tea products, you already know that they’re mostly budget-friendly. Well, this is just one benefit green tea provides.

Actually, we’ve joined the green tea party a bit late. Chinese and Japanese people have been drinking it for thousands of years and they are highly aware of its benefits for an improved health. Green tea has countless health benefits and it should be added into any diet plan.

Green tea can be used as a protection supplement against cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, infection and impaired immune function.

Besides these, it’s clinically proven that green tea helps you lose weight and unlike many other healthy supplements it tastes delicious.

Weight Loss Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea helps your body burn more calories.

It has high concentration of polyphenols and it helps to oxidize fat and encourage thermogenesis that is the rate in the body which burns calories.

Green tea increases of energy which boosts the metabolism and so more weight would be burned than normal.

Green tea has less amount of calories than most other drinks that we usually prefer having in the morning.

For example, coffee has a higher amount of daily calories compared to green tea. Green tea contains caffeine which helps you burn extra calories as a stimulant. Many drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee are full of calories, but not green tea. Coffee, soda and most energy drinks can’t help you to lose weight, they fill your body up with fat and calories.

Epigallocatechin gallate (ECCG) in green tea increases the effectiveness of the caffeine. Green tea contains fewer calories along with caffeine so the caffeine in green tea helps to lose weight.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has a number of benefits for your cardiovascular health as an antioxidant. That is to say green tea helps reduce the risk of heart problems.

It is higher in anti-toxins than the black tea is. Green tea has also vitamin C and fluoride.

Green tea helps improve your metabolism and control your cholesterol level.

Green tea prevents cancer and many other diseases. The antioxidants in green tea eliminate free radicals that plague the body. These free radicals cause aging and cancer. The polyphenols of green tea prevent cancer cells growing.

Green tea keeps teeth clean because it has fluoride. The fluoride kills the bacteria in the mouth which causes plaque. This prevents tooth decay.

Green tea lessens blood sugar.

Green tea also promotes to maintain your beauty.

With more researches done and published, we have been learning more benefits of green tea and this make us want to drink more and more of it. You should drink at least 3 cups or more of green tea per day.

Green tea being budget friendly and having lots of weight loss benefits besides health benefits will remain popular for long time. Green tea is an awesome weight loss aid and drinking good amount of it does more than just you help lose weight.

Author: Janis

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  1. That is good news for me…

    I drink green tea every single day and have done so for years… although do not be fooled into thinking that such things can or should replace a healthy dose of EXERCISE!

    EXERCISE is almost a swear word for people who want to lose weight, but the single most effective way to do so.


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  2. In Singapore – where almost everyone is thin, green tea is omnipresent. My favorite restaurants server Dim Sum and Bao’s (Chinese steamed buns) with green tea filling! The first time I heard of it, I thought they were joking, but then I tried it.

    A bao is filled, kind of like a jelly donut… some are filled with meat and foods, others are sweet baos filled with things such as bean paste, lotus paste, and my favorite, green tea!

    So it’s not just for drinking in Asia.

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  3. It’s the absolute truth about weight loss. You should combine healthy eating and regular exercises if you’re trying to lose weight. I’d never give up exercising. And for the nutrition part, I’m totally in love with natural herbs.

    Thanks for the input! There are many other forms of green tea and we’re gonna cover them in another article *wink*Janis*wink*

    Ever heard of green tea chocolates? Lol I love them. And gonna try baos asap!

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  4. Thanks for the comments. I was just reading a brand new research about green tea. To me, it’s a magical herb.

    Vegetarian, Asian people are really smart when it comes to diets and nutrition. They teach me new things each day. Thanks to them and to you too :)

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  5. Yes it is works on fats,I use it for two years and just amazing that I look slim and young because my skin also look fresh and fairy.
    Most important it is purely herbal so no side effects.I feel really more powerful mind.

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  6. I love those green tea Baos they serve in Singapore. It’s not what you think… it’s not liquid tea, but in fact a kind of paste made with green tea. It is very thick, like jam and sweet…

    It is hard to find good Baos (steam buns) outside of Asia. Singapore is the place for the best food… especially the food courts that abound… I miss going to lunch for the famous noodles in “Lucky Plaza!”… or the outdoor food stalls by Raffles.

    I could sure use a bowl of Laksa, a couple of jumbo Singapore Tiger Shrimp and my favorite red bean curd bao!

    Boy do I miss Singapore. :(

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