How To Lose Weight Fast For Prom

It’s just a few weeks before your prom night. You are planning to look hot and sexy in your prom dress. Well, everyone wants to look their best that night! But a few will be victorious…

Here’s the bitter truth: Most of us today have excess body fat, around belly area or hips or arms and legs… Where the extra fat is stored on your body does not matter. Excess body fat is your enemy and you should destroy it before it destroys your special moments in life, like your prom night!

You deserve to be fitter, happier, healthier, more popular at the rest of your life especially at special times like your prom night.

You want to lose weight before prom, you should start making small (or sometimes big) changes in your eating style and daily activities right now. It’s just a few weeks ahead and you should make the best of these to lose weight and get into shape quickly.

It’s too bad, fashionable prom dresses do not come in plus sizes!

There is ‘almost’ no difference from any other weight loss, except the time is quite limited. When it comes to weight loss, doing simple little things to improve your eating habits or physical activities can be your best bet most of the times. But now that the time is limited and you want to lose weight “really” fast, you will need a few more simple and quicker tricks.

Actually, you can achieve rapid weight loss using REAL foods you eat every day! You don’t count calories, you don’t limit food portions, and you don’t have to purchase special foods and supplements. All you need to have is commitment and if you have it, just go to Fat Loss 4 Idiots page. You’ll learn how you can shed 9 pounds in 11 days!

Do not forget this classic never: Combine diet and exercise! This and some extra weight loss tricks are all you’ll ever need. Here are some:

In order to lose weight quickly for prom, you should avoid eating junk food. That’s always the rule no.1! Common sense can tell you that French fries are a no-no and an apple is good. But it doesn’t stop here. It’s hard to cover all of the foods that are acceptable to eat when you are trying to lose weight. This could be a long list and hard to follow for you in these busy days. Start with changing the foods you snack on. (Yes, you can snack and still lose weight). Now click the links below and read our big lists of snack foods. You’ll get the idea! Do not forget to take notes of celebrity diet tricks you’ll find in these articles. Then come back to this page as we have more and more weight loss tips for you.

Healthy Snack Ideas and Celebrity Diet Tips

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Junk food such as potato chips, ice cream and sugarful drinks are not nutritious at all and they have lots of calories. Ask yourself this question: What would you lose if you don’t consume ketchup, mayonaisse, mustard and any other dressings like these? They have ‘bad’ fats and they can make you fat in no time!

Here’s a simple and quick tip for you: Drink some green tea, ideally 3 or 4 cups a day, to speed up your metabolism. This will boost your energy also, and you will feel less stressed. For more on weight loss benefits of green tea, read Green Tea As A Natural Fat Burner article. Doing so, you’ll learn how green tea can help you lose weight fast just before your prom.

Is that darn dress still a size or two too small?

You deserve to be fitter, happier, healthier, more popular at the rest of your life… especially at special times like your prom night.

To lose weight quickly, many people starve themselves. You don’t eat, you don’t gain weight. Sounds easy but oh well, this is ridiculous. You don’t eat, your body doesn’t function properly because you shut down your metabolism and you will be sabotaging your own weight loss efforts.

Starvation diets are there only to get you cranky when you think of food, and to make you sick. For a successful weight loss, you need to increase your energy level, speed up your metabolism so you can burn more calories. See what is silly about starvation methods? If you starve yourself your energy and metabolism levels decrease and as a result you’ll burn less and less calories.

prom diet

It’s all about eating the right foods, and…

One neat weight loss trick would tell you to eat the foods that trigger the fat burning hormones in your body. Some foods do release fat burning hormones into your blood and that’s the way you are actually controlling the fat burning process of your body. If you do this right, you can drop 5 pounds a week! (John Romaniello – New York based trainer, coach, exercise innovator, author, fitness model and Final Phase Fat Loss creator phew! - explains how our hormones dominate our physique in this article).

Don’t skip meals. Instead of 3 big meals in a day, eat 5 small meals throughout the day. This is one of the best ways to lose weight. Smaller meal services are easier for your body to digest and this helps your body burn the calories faster.

Drink 8 -10 glasses of water in a day. Water is a natural appetite suppressant. Don’t drink water and you’ll get fat. Read our 7 Reasons To Why Drinking Water article and learn the rest of the story:

  • Why you will get fat if you resist to consume water

  • How top celebrities use this powerful weapon called water to stay fit and hot.

Here are a few tips to help you remember to drink the water you need, and to make it a little more interesting or pleasant: 11 Tips to Improve Your Water Intake (So You Can Lose Weight)

(These 11 tips alone can help you lose weight quickly and get fit days before your prom. So do not miss these!)

Finally, like it or not, you need to ‘move it’ to drop those pounds. You need to exercise! People who are sedentary only burn two thirds of the calories that active people do in the same period of time. A vast difference can be made in your daily caloric burn by making the most of each opportunity to move.

Even simple moves add up

The simple moves that may have been called fidgeting when you were in school, not only help to keep joints and muscles loose, but also help to increase metabolism and caloric burn. Try to stand more, tap your toes to the music, walk further on purpose or simply wiggle. The idea is the more you can move even while seated at your computer increase you metabolism.

Doing the right exercises help you drop those extra pounds as quick as possible. Some exercises can even help to increase your metabolism rate for up to 48 hours.

In order to effectively burn extra body fat in a short time, you should have commitment. Losing weight is not difficult but you should be determined. If you’re half-hearted, you will not succeed in losing weight. Try to focus yourself on achieving your goal.

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