Soy Protein – 10 Tips

How soy protein can change the face of healthy eating is a popular discussion topic in nutrition community. Health and nutrition experts are all pretty excited about the benefits of this great alternative source.

In fact, soy products have been a part of Chinese diet for many centuries. It’s been known as an awesome fighter of many dangerous diseases. It provides similar benefits to fish, eggs, meat and milk.

Soy protein is a complete protein that contains all of the eight essential amino acids. It is also one of the greatest alternative protein products for human consumption.

Learn the facts, get the tips and work some soy protein into your healthy eating plan!

1.Try to consume 25 grams of soy protein a day. This is where the health benefits really kick in. Get some roasted soy nuts to snack on, or try some soy cheese. See, it can be consumed in many forms which makes soy even more popular.

2.With the help of endless soy products on the market, you can incorporate more and more soy into your meal plans. For example, you can replace some or all of the chicken or beef in your next stir fry with tofu. You’ll see that the tofu will pick up the flavor of the other stir fry ingredients Four ounces of tofu contains 13 grams of protein.

3.It is derived from soy beans. It’s a plant protein so it’s free from steroids and antibiotics. Another reason why soy protein foods are also a healthy alternative to meat and other animal products is that those animal products may contain parasites.

4.Soy protein contains very low or no saturated fat, no cholesterol or lactose. If you are lactose intolerant, try soy shakes and drinks. This way, you can get your milkshake fix without having to suffer so.

5.If you are vegetarian, you will absolutely love soy products. Because they would perfectly fit into your lifestyle. It’s a blessing for you.

6.Since soy contains no cholesterol, it reduces the cholesterol level and protects you and your family against heart disease and cancer. Soy can be used to substitute most protein sources. In your foods, you should use soy substitutes instead of flour for a low fat alternative.

7.Soy protein also provides anti-oxidants which balance your blood pressure and boost healthy blood vessels.

8.You can consume a wide amount of soy products if you have no allergie to it. Yes, allergies to soy products exit, however cases are a few and far between. Actually, most of the other protein sources have more side effects like allergies.

9.Ever heard of tofu hot dogs and veggie burgers? You can find them in mainstream grocery stores. You can cook them just like the meat-based varieties of these foods. Try soy-based puddings, desserts, soy cream cheese and soy butter. You’ll be surprised!

10.Soy-based meal replacement products like bars and shakes are proved to be safe for your health. If your diet is a high protein one or a low carb diet, soy protein is ideal for you. You can get soy protein also from meal replacement supplements. It’s better and easier to digest.


Author: Shaznay

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