Whey Protein – 7 Facts

It’s no secret that protein rich diets increase loss of body fat. You are trying to lose weight. You’ve already set your goals, even started healthy eating, and increased your physical activity level. Don’t forget to promote your weight loss process by adding some protein into each meal. Also, you may want to consume meal replacement protein shakes and powders.

The safety of protein supplements has been well documented in many scientific studies and there is clear proof that, taken in right quantities, these will result in decreases in body fat and will help healthy muscle gain.

Most nutrition experts, fitness trainers and bodybuilders would agree that adding protein supplements into your weight loss or muscle building plan is an important element.

Especially when you are building muscle, you need a great deal of protein. The average bodybuilder needs 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight each day.

Most popular and most recommended protein products are whey protein and soy protein. Let’s examine the facts relating to whey protein as a supplement. Here are 7 things which you should know to achieve meaningful fat loss and muscle gain.

1.Whey protein is a high quality protein powder that is derived from cow’s milk. It’s a complete protein that contains the perfect combination of amino acids. These amino acids help the body composition and serve to increase physical performance.

2.It has lots of body building benefits. When you are building muscle or working out to lose fat, your muscles may also have damage and whey protein replaces everything that has been gone from your muscles.

3.It has the highest levels of branched chain amino acids that are essential to build and maintain muscle tissue. BCAAs are really important for bodybuilding because they metabolize in the muscle tissue. When you are working out, your body will use these BCAAs directly in the muscles. They are essential to repair and rebuilt muscle tissue.

4.It is considered to be a fast protein. You can easily ingest and digest it. Your body will absorb it! It provides fast nutrient for the muscles. It is also a great source of leucine which is necessary for bodybuilders. It plays a role in muscle protein synthesis and the growth of muscles.

5.It makes your immune system stronger as well and detoxify your body by providing the body with higher levels of glutathione. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant.

6.It is also helpful for fat loss when you add it to your diet. It always takes place in most weight loss and meal replacement products. Studies show that people who use leucine rich whey protein foods in their diet have more muscle tissue and burn more calories, so lose more body fat.

7.It’s best to take whey protein in powder form. You can mix it in your choice of juice or milk. To maintain a right nitrogen balance, spread the use of it throughout the day.

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