7 (Fun) Best Ways To Lose Weight

Is your next season Spring, or Autumn? Season changes, and this is a great time to renew your commitment to lose weight and keep it off forever. Best way to lose weight? Why not consider losing weight, shaping up and having fun doing so! Who says it needs to be boring! Best way is the fun way…

A lot of people do concern with losing weight, mostly because of two basic reasons, one is health and the other one is cosmetic. Whatever your reason is, if you want to have that weight loss success story in your biography, you should enjoy the process. Because people quit exercising and dieting when they do not enjoy it.

Included in this article are 7 tips to help you have fun while losing weight, so you can be successful in this journey. My tips are simple enough that you can do them easily having no fear of injury.

  • You will not even have to forget your favorite food.

  • You do not have live at the gym.

  • You do not need to follow many weight loss programs instead follow just one for a month and see if it works. If it is in vain then you should switch to some other program. (See, Final Phase Fat Loss, Truth About Abs, orFat Loss 4 Idiots).

 Here are 7 fantastic calorie consuming activities and tips that are also enjoyable.

  1. Gardening:If it’s spring in your area, well that’s the perfect time to get into the garden just before the hot days of summer. If it’s autumn there, that means you are just finishing your summer, and now is the perfect time to do all those last minute pruning and weeding that was just too hot to do a few weeks ago. There’s nothing like gardening to help tone muscles, burn up additional calories and even build rock-hard abs. (Did you ever check out around your area if there are charities that need help with gardening?)

  2. Weekend Rambling: Forget sleepy Sundays, get out and about on a walk with family and friends, or by yourself. Find an opening and play some lively games like football, frisbee or cricket! Be social and lose weight.

  3. Being A ‘Weekend Explorer': Forget lazy beach breaks, make a change, get out and explore. There are so many beautiful places to visit that you may never have considered before. Your legs will get a terrific tone-up!

  4. Walking: Simply by taking 30 minutes every day for a stroll, it can prove very useful. By doing this you not only develop stronger legs, your heart becomes stronger and you get rid of extra calories in the process.
  5. Cycling: Get the bikes out for a regular leisurely ride or if you feel more energetic, join a cycling club. Consider also mini cycles… Mini cycles are exercise devices that can be used anywhere. They look like of bike pedals attached to a bar made of metal. What good about them is that they are not costly like other standard bikes used for weight loss. Using such cycles help you to pedal in your office chair, on the sofa or any other place.
  6. Climbing Stairs: Yes, you’ve heard this before! But still… Rather than using the elevator, taking the stairs is a great way to lose weight. You may hardly even notice that you are getting extra exercise. Taking a few more steps every day can do a lot in reducing the weight. So try to take stairs whenever you go to a mall or super store instead of the elevator.
  7. Cutting High Fats: Weight loss does not mean that you can never have any of your favorite foods again. Even the worst of foods can be consumed if eaten in moderation. Remember that no one food will stop your attempt at weight loss, unless consumed in excess. For example, try eating only one candy bar or even substitute a smaller version of a favorite candy. You do not have to give up a favorite food, you may however, have to eat a smaller amount of foods you love when you are trying to lose weight.

If you focus on having energetic fun, you’ll lose weight effortlessly!

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fun ways to lose weight

Author: Nicole

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