3 Exercise Myths That May Keep You From Losing Weight

Myth 1 : Exercise is only for young people

This is one of the biggest lies you may ever be told about exercise. Let’s say you are planning to join a gym class or fitness club, or you want to exercise at your home but you’re thinking that you are too old. Wake up and start exercise! There is really no age restriction for exercising. Of course, your age may affect what exercise types you can do but that’s all about it. There are many different exercise types which have been designed and developed for different age groups, and their main purpose is to help you improve your health and physical endurance. Don’t forget that exercises can easily be organized by their difficulty level. Just stay away from the ones with hard and pushy moves like fast running and jumping.


Myth 2 : Exercise takes too long

You’ve heard this and felt like you’re never gonna get started simply because you don’t have so much time in your hands. You have work, school, family, friends and other commitments. We all have! Think positive. There are lots of workout programs that are designed for busy people. You can work on 20-minute training, working only series of fast exercises, which involve all the muscles directly or indirectly. In fitness, there are lots of options and solutions. Actually, regular physical training should not take any longer than hour and a half.

Myth 3: Exercise is tiring

In fitness, you may be consuming all your energy (in other words, muscular and hepatic glycogen) but it doesn’t mean that exercise gets you into that state of exhaustion which may slow down the body recovery process. Even in sports, the purpose is to have rather effective than exhausting training. In the first few days of your fitness workout, you may feel tired but this is because you just started. You can go to the gym quite tired after a hard work day and leave relaxed both physically and psychologically. If you have a sedentary job, you should include home exercises or gym workout programs into your lifestyle. If you make physical effort at work, the same rule still applies to you.


Author: Shaznay

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