Health Benefits of Exercise – 11 Things To Know

If you’re not doing regular exercises hopefully I’ll be able to convince you to take action. Exercise is crucial to your health. Let’s say you’ve already started exercising and doing well. Why do you exercise? Just because you are trying to lose weight and build a better body?

You have not exercised before? Have no fear. Actually, you are in luck. Simply walking a few times in a week will help you to burn extra calories. Thirthy minutes walk each day is a good way to burn seven pounds in just two weeks. You can split it up over the day, like fifteen minutes twice a day.

Okay, it’s the best and the fast and the most inexpensive way to lose weight and get into shape. Get active and be fit but at the same time be healthier. There are lots of health benefits of exercise and unfortunately, most people are not aware of these.

I wish this article can encourage and motivate many of you to start and go on exercising. Let’s move on and take a look at the health benefits of exercising.

1 Helps to reduce stress

When you keep up with regular physical activity each day your stress level will be reduced naturally. Studies show that there’s a direct correlation between how much we exercise and how good we feel.

2 Helps you sleep well

Regular exercises improve sleep quality. More your body is active in day, it will be in need of more relaxing at night and you’ll sleep easily.

3 Fights with aging signs

Ever heard of regular face exercises? These will help you fight with natural signs of aging that come from years of facial expressions and using face muscles. If you use the right muscles when doing face exercises you stimulate blood flow to those muscles and increase the oxygen that the skin receives. When skin receives more blood and oxygen it will produce more healthy skin cells and help to reverse aging effects.

4 Helps to gain stronger muscles

Never forget that exercising keeps muscles strong and strong muscles mean more burned fat. More muscle mass you have, more calories you burn.

5 Reduces the risk of heart and lung diseases

Being physically active you’ll protect yourself from risk of dying from heart diseases. Most people who have heart and lung problems are inactive. Regular exercise helps keep your cardiovascular system in healthy working order. It improves your chances of surviving if you have heart problems.

6 Lowers blood pressure

Regular physical activity reduces blood pressure. Physical activity reduces body fat too, which is associated with high blood pressure. Those who have high blood pressure are more likely to have a stroke or heart attack. Exercise helps to prevent high blood pressure and reduce it if it is too high.

7 Lowers cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is a type of fat in body. Exercise burns this fat also. So cholesterol levels are reduced through exercise. Any kind of exercise is good for this.

8 Helps to reduce symptoms of arthritis

Exercise can help prevent or reduce joint pain and arthritis later in life. A good weight-bearing low-impact exercise and stretching plan generates great results to staying off arthritis pain by strengthening muscles around your joints which help in lowering stress on joints.

9 Helps to improve posture

When you exercise, your body get into shape and straighten up naturally.

10 Helps your fight against depression

Exercise increases energy level and motivates you. So you can have a more enjoyable life. It can be the best hobby for depressive people. It takes them busy and makes them focus on different things other than their depression.

11 Reduces back pain

Exercising will strengthen the muscles which support your back and improve elasticity thus greatly reducing the chances of future attacks.

These are a few of the main reasons why you should make exercise a part of your daily life. Just start exercising and you’ll never want to quit it.

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Exercise is magical. It helps your mental functions, increases your confidence and self-esteem, improves your appearance, helps achieve your healthy weight goals and improves quality of your life.

Author: Janis

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