How To Get Skinny Legs Like Kristen Stewart

Wondering how to get skinny legs like Kristen Stewart? Here’s a list of best leg exercises you can do at home.

I wonder if Twilight star Kristen Stewart is simply born with nice legs and strong well-defined leg muscles while some of us have to work for them. Life is cruel, eh?

I was going my usual routine today, surfing web for news and such. Then I saw those Kristen Stewart pics where she wears a long dress with a large slit on the side which shows off of her beautiful legs. As a fitness enthusiast, I’m more interested in the skinny legs Kristen is showing proudly than the dress fashion in the pic. I believe that the Twilight star has all the rights to teach us how to get skinny legs. But you know the Hollywood celebs. They don’t easily share their fitness secrets unless you pay them some big bucks.

 how to get skinny legs


Some are simply born with nice legs and strong well-defined leg muscles. Some have to work for them. I don’t know about you but I’m in the second group. I’ve really worked hard to burn the lower body fat, tone legs and get skinny legs. Inner thigh exercises, thigh workouts, leg toning exercises… I’ve worked them all!

Actually, the exercises that are specifically designed to sculpt and strengthen your leg muscles are the easiest. They’re simple, quick solutions. They’re doable at home anytime you want. Best leg exercises also do come with a bonus: They usually combine fat burning cardio to decrease body fat with strength training that exclusively targets the leg toning process. It’s a double win situation if you ask me.

If you ever searched for information on how to get skinny legs, you might have realized that one thing: Most weight loss programs make use of aerobic exercises several times a week as their leg toning plan. These exercises include squats, lunges and calf raises that will help you sculpt the major muscles in your legs.

Another way to get skinny legs fast, strengthen and tone legs and give them those sexy hollywood look is doing sports that utilize the leg muscles to the fullest. I’m talking about sports such as tennis, water skiing, snow skiing and swimming. Excellent methods for overall toning of your legs!

Your legs will beg to be revealed with short skirts and shorts. Continue reading How To Get Skinny Legs Like Kristen Stewart

 how to get skinny legs


There are a few things you really need to exercise your legs to the fullest:

  • A treadmill (or simply take a brisk walk outside)
  • A workout bench (a yoga mat on the floor will do just fine)
  • An exercise ball (highly recommended as you can get the full effect of stretching those leg muscles)

Here are some of the best leg exercises:

  • Squats – Bend at your knees, back straight and count to 10. Repeat 5 times.
  • Kicks – Laying, stomach down, on the exercise ball, kick upward 3 times with each leg.
  • Outer thigh lifts – Balance yourself with a chair and lift each leg outward 5 times each.

You know how the fitness industry in general is training women to look like smaller versions of men. Women enjoy working out, but their legs tend to bulk up. So, for all the women who want to be fit while looking 100% feminine, here’s a solution for you. Just click on the link and go to next page. I’ll introduce you to the best workout system which is designed to help women like you get in shape. It’s called Hollywood Look!

Exercise is critical in sculpting your leg muscles, but what if you’re overweight? You’ll need to reduce the body fat to achieve the lean, toned legs you want. Adopting a good fat burning diet can also help you get the results you desire.

If you really work and concentrate on improving your legs, you’ll be showing off those toned and tanned legs in shorts and mini-dresses before you know it. It’s all about choosing the right workouts, and work smart… like Kristen Stewart in the new Snow White movie.

 kristen stewart snow white

Of course, choosing the right training is also important. (Who would say no to a trainer like Huntsman?) Your fitness training should be up-to-date, sensible and affordable. Like this one

kristen stewart snow white

Now you know how to get skinny legs like Kristen Stewart. It doesn’t really matter if the Twilight star Kristen is simply born with nice legs. I believe that she’s working hard to keep them. Try some of the best leg exercises I’m sharing here. You’ll be amazed.

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