Is Health Insurance Worth It?

One of the best ways to stay healthy these days is to get regular checkups at the doctor’s office. During a checkup, a doctor will check your blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and give you advice on how to take care of your health better. A doctor can also detect a serious illness like cancer before it gets too serious. However, going to the doctor can be quite expensive if you don’t have health insurance. If health insurance is not offered through your job, you should consider buying your own. There are many different health insurance plans out there. Go to to find a healthcare plan that you can afford.

Health insurance can also get expensive, especially if you have a spouse and children on your plan. Some family health insurance plans can cost as much as your mortgage. This may deter some people from getting health insurance. They might think that they are already healthy, so it is unlikely that something will happen to them. Even if you are as healthy as horse, it is never a good idea to gamble with your health. The healthiest people can contract a serious illness or get into a terrible accident. If you don’t have health insurance to cover the medical expenses, you could be stuck with medical bills that will take years to pay off.

If you have to cut out some of your unnecessary expenses to afford healthcare, do it. Even though it may not be fun getting rid of your cable or Internet, it is much smarter to pay for health insurance. It also may be a good idea to pick up a second job to afford health insurance. For example, if you work your regular job on weekdays, consider working a part-time job on nights and weekends to cover the cost of health insurance.

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