Joe Jonas See No More Cover Shows His Mighty Biceps

Joe Jonas released See No Moreand according to what we see in the See No More cover, he keeps those famous Joe Jonas biceps looking rock-hard. If you think he does nothing to look buff, you’re mistaken. He is an exercise addict, and it takes lots of work for the hot star to stay ripped and in very good condition. To stay in his best shape, Joe works out regularly, lifts weights and runs. I’ve heard that he makes sure he works out before every show when on tour.


That’s dedication! Good for him! Thanks God, we (none-celebs?) do not have to always push ourselves to the limits.

Let’s say you want to tone and defeat weak arms so that you can finally wear something sleeveless with confidence… You are daydreaming about that much awaited summer days, aren’t you? But you stop in mid-dream as your visions get squashed with an image of you disguise in an oversized shirt. Do not go into that hopeless forlorn mood just yet. Fortunately, there are practical and uncomplicated ways and means that you can do to get your body ready just in time for the best summer you’ve ever had!

Let’s talk about arms, biceps, and all… If you want to tone your arms and increase muscle mass, working the muscles in the front and back of the upper arms will help you get there.

<img src=”joe-jonas.jpg” alt=”Joe Jonas” /> 

You are (probably) not a bodybuilder, so you don’t pay a lot of attention to building big arms. You don’t overtrain. The arms are complex body parts. You should feed them with a properly focused exercise program.

Here’s the most important thing for you to realize: Strong, muscular and hot arms are mostly a product of heavy chest and back training. Why?
1) Relatively speaking, the biceps and triceps are small muscle groups.
2) The biceps receive heavy stimulation during all basic pulling movements for the back.
3) The triceps receive heavy stimulation during all basic pressing movements for the chest and shoulders.
4) So, the biceps and triceps require only a very small amount of direct stimulation!

If you can incorporate this way of thinking into your arm training routine, you will achieve your fitness goals. Look at that Joe Jonas See No More pic again. Don’t you think his biceps are looking mighty?


Author: Ewan

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