Matthew Fox Extreme Weight Loss

Matthew Fox gets ripped and shocks fans. It’s extreme weight loss. I can’t find a better definition for Matthew Fox’s new look.

LOST actor Matthew Fox, Jack from Lost as we’d love to call him, was back in the spotlight after he got arrested for DUI (drunk driving) a few weeks ago. Now he’s in the news again just after his extreme weight loss photos got leaked into internet. These shocking photos are the first promo shots from the new Alex Cross movie. Who is Alex Cross? He’s the detective hero of James Patterson books, his best-selling detective series.

Matthew Fox’s character Michael Sullivan, nicknamed Picasso, is a cage-fighter, a heartless assassin who murders Alex Cross’ wife. If you’re a fan of Alex Cross series, you’ll hate him for sure! Here’s the photo and I’m sure that it will be as popular as the famous Matthew Fox mugshot.

Matthew Fox Extreme Weight Loss










And here’s the question that will be as popular as the photo: How did Matthew Fox burn his body fat, and build those scary muscles instead?

What’s behind Matthew Fox’s shocking new look is a mystery at the moment. (Bookmark this page, and come back later to find more details as all revealed…)

But wait, there are some clues around.

Remember when 50 Cent has shocked all of us by posting his skeletal images on his Twitter. I was among the first few people who wrote about how he lost 54 pounds, dropping to 160 from 214 pounds, in 9 weeks and how he also lost six inches from his waist. Go check my fan favorite popular 50 Cent weight loss article again (but don’t forget to come back to this page).

That article is one of the reasons why I’m getting tons of emails and messages asking me one thing in particular: How do Hollywood celebrities lose weight, keep it off, get ripped, look awesomely sexy and hot? You know the question. Everybody wants that Hollywood look!

Hollywood actors do look hot and healthy most of the times. They usually focus on both losing weight in a healthy way and building enough muscle without creating a scarily terrible-looking bulky physique.

If they experience some extreme fat loss, it’s for a reason (unless the celeb doesn’t do drugs): They want their Oscar! It’s why Edward Norton has overdone things for American History X, or Christian Bale for The Machinist, or 50 Cent for Things Fall Apart. And there are others like Robert Downey Jr., Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Jude Law who got ripped for their movie roles. These guys didn’t actually go extreme.

What do they to get that lean Hollywood look? It’s simple. They focus on a strategic weight loss plan which is healthy. The basic rule applies to both men and women. For a visually stunning body, they eat smart, move smart and yes, you’ve guessed it, they’re also continously making use of what science (and alternative science) offers in the form of pills, drinks and other supplements.

And it’s no secret that those celebrities also have an army of dieticians and fitness trainers backing them up.

So which celeb trainer is responsible for Matthew Fox’s extreme makeover?

It’s unknown at the moment, but you can be sure that I’m poking my insider friends to make them spill the beans. And I’m sensing that it’s someone who’s worked with Madonna and/or Hugh Jackman in the past. Let’s see what will come from it.

To be honest, what we’re witnessing in Matthew Fox’s new body is something I can call a product of body sculpting. It’s not a result of regular body building. It’s really something extreme.

I wonder what you guys and gals think about it. How do you think Matthew Fox shed pounds, got ripped and built those unbelievable muscles?

And if you want to know how normal people like you and me lose weight and build muscle without looking scary, click here or here and watch magic happens!


Author: Ewan

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