Top 7 Reasons Why Your Muscle Growth Stopped

Are you following a workout program for muscle building? Have your muscles stopped growing after a few months even you’re still going on to workout hard? Be sure that this is a common problem lots of bodybuilders have and wonder about.

Muscle building is not rocket science, however it can be confusing most times. You should care about key facts that will create the difference between building muscle or being skinny. Here are some reasons why your muscles don’t grow anymore and how to get them to grow again.

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You workout too hard: You should know that you are breaking your muscles when you train them in an intensive way. When you force and damage them, they need to recover from damages. You should train each muscle as it gets.


You workout too long: You should regulate your workout time rightly. You should have a regular muscle building program of course, but don’t overdo and be smart on how many hours you are working out. One hour is good for your muscles. 45 minutes is better. Your cortisol level increase after 45 minutes of intensive training. This stress hormone destroys muscle cells.


You are under stressful situations: Cortisol is produced by your body when you’re placing stress on your body and mind. Mental, physical or emotional… any type of stress will trigger cortisol hormones. Calm down and stop whatever you’re doing. Read a book, watch funny movies, take a walk. Take a little break from your exercise routine, if necessary.


You don’t get enough sleep: To have a proper muscle growth you need to get enough sleep. When you are sleeping, your muscles grow. You should sleep more than 8 hours a day if you have issues with your muscles and this will help those muscles grow faster. No rest means no muscle growth.


You abuse alcohol: Don’t drink alcohol. It breaks down muscle mass plus it has many other body destruction abilities.


You don’t change your workout routine: Every 6 or 8 weeks you should change your workout routine. Your muscles adjust to your routine and so they stop growing.


You don’t consume enough protein: Eat more protein foods to build bigger muscles. Protein is the building block for muscles. You need 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight equivalent. You should support your muscle building with protein foods or supplements.

Now, you know top 7 reasons why your muscles grow no more. Just think your daily routine and change what is wrong with it and watch how your muscles grow again.

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  1. When I gave up drinking, not only did my general health improve but my overall fitness and body strength greatly increased. I found that cutting alcohol out of my diet completely made me focus on eating a better diet and that included drinking a lot more water. At the time when I gave up I avoided coke and diet drinks as they were too similar to vodka and coke etc, water was the better alternative.

    It worked for me I’m 1.78m and 77kg, I lost 5-6 kg just from stopping drinking. And that was 5 years ago.


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