Weight Loss – Myths & Facts

Myth 1: Best way to lose weight is cutting down your portion size of meal.

Fact: Not on its own. If you don’t want to gain the weight back, don’t attempt to lose weight by just eating less. Important point in here is the types of foods you eat, not only amounts of them. You should replace your unhealthy and full calorie food types with healthy ones. This means, right food right portion size.

Myth 2: Just cut out fat and you’ll lose weight.

Fact: This method was popular in the 80s and it didn’t work for most people. Of course, you should cook your meals with no or low fat but fat free food can still be high in calories from sugar and hidden carbs. It doesn’t mean that if a food is fat free you can eat as much as you want. Fat free is not equal to calorie free. Essential fact in here is your total calorie consumption.

Myth 3: Skipping meals is a great way to burn fat.

Fact: Best and more adviced diet plans include 5-6 meals in a day. In these diets you eat more and smaller meals and consume less foods and calories. If you eat 5-6 smaller meals in a day instead of 3 bigger ones, you won’t starve or feel hungry pains. You will lose weight while staying healthy. Because skipping meal lowers your blood sugar and this makes you feel hungry all the time. Eating many small meals helps you to stabilize blood sugar and control your appetite. Studies have shown that people who skip meals during the day tend to be heavier than others who eat five small meals.

Myth 4: Exercise only plans help you lose weight.

Fact: Yes, exercise is a very important and effective way for a healthy weight loss process but losing weight by exercising only isn’t a great and the right way. Exercising burns only a moderate amount of calories. Combining exercise with a healthy diet plan is the most effective way to lose weight and keep the weight off.

Myth 5: To lose weight, you must starve yourself.

Fact: The average woman shouldn’t eat less than 1000 calories in a day and for the average man it is 1200 calories. If you don’t eat enough, your metabolic rate will slow down and your body want to store fat. Most of your initial weight loss come from water and muscle. This makes your body fat percentage go up, so you become fatter actually when you are losing weight.

Myth 6: Gaining weight is just a part of getting older.

Fact: Getting older is not an excuse to gain weight. When your age improves, you have a more sedentary lifestyle so you start to lose muscle mass. Amount of your muscle mass increases the efficiency of your metabolism directly. You should exercise in a high intensity to maintain your muscle mass and keep your metabolism from dropping.

Myth 7: Eating at late hours causes weight gain.

Fact: Weight gain and weight loss depend on what and how much you eat and how much you exercise in a day, not what time of the day you eat at. Maybe you take less calories than you should in a day, and when you eat late at night you won’t be over the limit of necessary calories. If you take more calories than you burn, extra calories will be a fat on your body even if you eat late or not.

Myth 8: If you are trying to lose weight, weight training isn’t a good idea.

Fact: Weight training, like doing exercises such as stomach crunches on a regular basis, helps you to lose and maintain weight. When you work on weight training, you build muscles and muscle building exercises are really helpful. Remember this, muscles burn more calories than body fat.


Author: Shaznay

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