Get A Bikini Body in 3 Steps

An updated wardrobe, or a newer hairstyle could make you feel better about yourself but knowing that this kind of ‘feeling better’ it is just a temporary thing can kill you inside. Sooner or later, you will have to taste the bitter truth. You should absolutely care about the excess fat in your body. You need to lose weight. You need to burn that extra fat and get in shape. Wouldn’t it be neat if you get the body and life you want and deserve one day (sooner the better, of course)?

Nowadays you may be thinking that there’s something wrong with you because you’re not on some sort of diet or weight loss plan. Every time you open a magazine or turn on the TV, it seems like all the other people are dieting, working out, trying to lose weight.

Look at the mirror! Are you ready to wear your swimsuit? Are you still wearing those bulky winter clothes because you ‘have to’ hide your weights? Would you prefer to wear a hot bikini and being the sexiest one on the beach or wear a bikini that hide your weights and don’t take attention?

How about those fabulous bike rides in the park! What about grilling barbeque on the deck? Are you down for a little surfing and tanning on the beach? Not only do we want to enjoy the warm months that are rapidly approaching, we want to look like we are enjoying them.

It doesn’t matter if it is ten, twenty, forty, or seventy pounds, just get started!

To look perfect in your summer dress or swimsuit, start with applying these 3 basic rules:

1 Motivate yourself

Your first step should be motivating yourself. It wouldn’t be hard! Just imagine yourself in a hot swimsuit and think how your appearance will be after you achieve your weight loss goals. Use the power of visualization. Visualize yourself at your ideal weight, your muscles lean and strong, and your skin radiant. If you have a picture of yourself in a swimsuit, keep it in your purse or stick it on your mirror and take a look at it every time you feel like go and have something unhealthy.

Or, pick a celebrity you favor, such as Jessica Biel who has one of the fittest body in all Hollywood and the absolute best abs among women celebs. Aim for a similar body type. (Your eyebrows are raised, I know. But it is not impossible to have a hot body like those celebs. Come on… They haven’t come from outer space!)

2 Eat smart, eat healthy

This is the golden rule of losing weight, keeping the weight off for life, and being healthy. You can create your own healthy meal plan if you have advanced knowledge of foods (especially power foods). Or, you can go and choose a pre-paid diet plan. Whatever you do, do not forget to add essential nutrients into your meals.

We have lots of information on nutrition and dieting in our article database. Take advantage of those! Also take a look at diet plans and workout programs we recommend for our followers.

3 Move it

It is the easiest thing in the world being lazy and killing time at home, eating everything you would like to eat even if it is unhealthy and risk your body and mind. Dieting can not generate the best and the fastest weight loss results if you do not work out. By working out, you’ll be burning more calories than usual and you’ll be building muscle at the same time. If you want to get fit, you absolutely have to choose a workout routine, and stick to it. 

We’ve given you the simple rules of weight loss. It’s your turn now. If you start right now you will be ready for swimsuit season before summer arrives. For most people, it only takes 4-8 weeks to achieve weight loss goals and get in shape.


Author: Janis

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