Lose Weight – Not Your Mind

Read about these 5 proven weight loss tactics and protect your mental health. If your self-esteem may be abandoned by those extra pounds you’re carrying and you feel blamed and not helped, these may help you to make a good start.

1 – Goal setting and planning…

The very first basic step towards fat loss is to set a reachable goal and make a realistic plan. So many people are struggling with weight issues and their body image. And a lot of them are trying to lose unrealistic amounts of pounds. As a result, they fail.

When setting a goal to reduce body fat, it is better to know the reason for doing so, benefits you may get at the end of the weight loss program and the changes you are willing to make in your diet.

This kind of self-analysis will help you understand the problem the better and it will result in setting realistic goals for fat loss. Your efforts to burn fat should be reasonable and gradual.

2 – Food journals to your aid…

Once you set the goal to reduce say two pounds a week, then you can take the step of creating a food journal. It will greatly helps you to analyze and monitor what you eat for the particular week.

You can easily keep track of what you eat, or drink. Sometimes you may have a feeling towards the food you consume, and this feeling may be also jotted down. This is pretty important because it throws light on the food pattern and your habits.

The fat loss is also recorded. When you review the food pattern, you can clearly see what foods are needed to be avoided and you can replace them with healthy foods.

The key is to be very consistent with this and you will see very positive results soon.

3 – Finding the best combination…

Combine your diet with exercise. If you are willing to follow a specific weight loss program, make sure that it’s a good combination of nutritional diet and physical activity. In fact any fat loss program should include exercising.

There are many different exercise types you can do at home. Also, you can combine your diet with good exercises like walking, swimming or aerobics. Physical activities help you to burn calories faster and they also aid in building muscles.

The exercise part of your weight loss plan should be enjoyable, so choose the kind of activity which interests you a lot than slogging. Also note that, exercises you do need to be tracked in a journal. So you can see its effects with your own eyes.

4 – Choosing the right foods…

Foods are not supposed to be our enemies and any diet which treats them as they are should be forbidden!

If you want to burn fat smart way, you should choose the healthy foods you like. If the diet plan bombards you with the foods you don’t like, chances are you’re gonna quit dieting soon.

Try to eat natural foods as much as possible (but the ones you like – there are countless alternatives anyway). Natural foods are filled with nutrients. And they have a bonus for you! Natural foods make you feel full so you don’t overeat.

To achieve your best weight, your body should be given the right nutrients. You’ll also have good energy and feel great. Consuming highly processed foods may cause your body to be hungry all the time because it tries to obtain basic nutrients needed for health.

5 – Need a friend?

We live in a fast-moving world and sometimes we forget about the basic things in life. You need support and encouragement. Especially when you have goals set and plans made for a ‘better you’.

Ask your friends and family members for assistance. You never know when the best comes from them.

You may have a friend who is willing to lose weight and is having similar goals and plans as you. If your friend is free when you are, you can ask them to get the physical training together.

People are more likely to stick to an exercise plan that is not just a dull routine. Remember, it’s also a time to deepen your friendship.

Author: Shaznay

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