Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – Top 5 Diet Saboteurs You Should Know About

You may be asking yourself these depressing questions each and every day: Why can’t I lose weight? How do I lose weight? Let me ask you another one: Did you ever consider taking a look at possible diet saboteurs in your life?

Making plans to go on a diet isn’t enough to lose weight and keep it off. It’s a very good start, but there are saboteurs lurking in the wings just waiting to create an obstacle that you don’t feel you can overcome.

Let’s look at the top 5 diet dangers and how you can prevent them from stopping your weight loss success:

1 – Friends and family

They mean well, but friends and family can be a big hazard to your success. Sometimes they just miss the old you. Going on a diet can make us cranky, but it also takes away from the enjoyment our families share over food. They might jokingly try to sabotage your diet, but have a talk with them about it and let them know how much you need their support.

2 – Poor sleep

Lack of sleep in strong doses can be almost akin to having too much alcohol. Not only does it impair us in clarity with our mindset, but it also causes us to feel stress in much higher degrees. Create an appealing sleep environment, rule out any sleep issues such as sleep apnea, and get yourself on a decent sleep schedule to promote healthy weight loss.

3 – Lack of exercise

Sometimes when we go on a diet, it makes us feel lethargic. But don’t keep exercise at bay, because adding it to your daily routine can actually make you feel more energetic, not to mention it provides endorphins that keep you happier throughout the process.

4 – No planning

Diets require planning ahead of time. If you’re going to be out and you’re on a diet plan that requires you to eat small meals throughout your day, then make sure you pack a snack so that you don’t get off schedule. If something does happen to prevent you from sticking to the diet plan, just get back on as soon as possible. Don’t let it be your excuse to throw in the towel for an entire day.

5 – Extreme diet focus

People who give up their entire lives for the sake of a diet usually revert back to their old ways. You’re more than your diet plan, so make sure that when you have conversations, the entire thing doesn’t revolve around what you ate, how many pounds you’ve lost, etc. You’ll eventually tire of the focus and want to quit completely unless you allow it to be only a part of who you are, and not the entire thing.

Still asking the why can’t I lose weight question?

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Take measures ahead of time on how you plan to deal with these situations so that you don’t let them get in your way and give you an excuse to say, “I quit!”



Author: Nicole

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  1. “Extreme diet focus” is what abandoning me. It’s probably the cause of my lack of sleep. Thanks for bringing those to mention.

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  2. I’m guilty of listening to my friends too much!!! lol

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