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Read our Truth About Abs review if you have those questions in mind: How to get six pack abs? What abs workout is the best abs exercise?

Did you know ab training related questions are the most asked ones among fitness, diet, nutrition, weight loss, body building communities? And these questions are coming from real people like you and me. I’ve decided to shed light on this ‘complicated’ topic as I’ve spent lots of time and money doing countless researches and tests over the years. And finally I’ve found a neat program which worked for me (and for over 300,000 other people too): Truth About Abs (or Truth About Six Pack Abs)… So here’s my Truth About Abs review!

I hear about getting six pack abs all the time but people seem to be focused on wrong objectives. This is where Mike Geary’s program, Truth About Abs, really kicks in. Sound, real life advice from a guy who knows his stuff is always something I appreciate.

Also, many people are asking us if we know of a good ab training program. I think this is an important topic to share with you because the reality is that most people simply don’t know how all this ‘burning stubborn fat and getting six pack abs instead’ thing works.

If you are trying to burn fat and get ripped, you need a plan, a path and assistance. Doesn’t it seem like only a few people want to really help you nowadays? Others just want to sell their ‘magical’ weight loss supplement to you, shake your hand, say ‘good luck’, and… vanish.

Did you know six pack abs are not a myth? You already got them. You just need to burn the fat in your body, and they will naturally show. Continue reading my Truth About Abs review.

You CAN easily burn stubborn body fatand get perfectly toned six pack absinstead. Remember that, you already got those abs. This is what Mike Geary explains in great detail in his internationally best-selling ebook, Truth About Six Pack Abs. It’s sold over 300,000 copies in over 150 countries and still selling more and more copies. It’s the number 1 best selling ebook on six pack abs for just one reason: Because it works! Mike’s readers from around the world have been reporting their successes that they’ve had with Truth About Six Pack Abs program. And these are not your typical fat loss success stories.

If you are certain that you want to get rid of those extra pounds and get in a perfectly toned shape seriously in no time, take action NOW!

If you want to learn more about Truth About Abs fat loss and abs building system, I recommend you go on reading. I have compiled all the details -like what this Truth About Six Pack Abs program includes-, reviews, opinions, special offers, bonus downloads, discounts and news here in this Truth About Abs review. (For example, you’ll find a special access link to exclusive Truth About Abs fitness training videos , below!)

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This just in!Truth About Abs‘ popularity has been growing fast, and demand for video version of this best-selling fat loss and abs program has been growing right along with it. People asked for it and Mike listened to them. He’s teamed up with Dr. Kareem Samhouri, an expert Doctor of Physical Therapy, to create a video program of Truth About Abs exercises.

Now you can have your own Virtual Personal Trainer show you step by step how to do each and every exercise in this program! (And let me say, this step by step approach is extra valuable for both the busy and the lazy people!)

This video update is a must-have if you already have Truth About Abs program.So get it now!

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It’s okay if you don’t want to rush out to buy a product just because it happens to be the “best selling”. Go on reading and find out if The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program is actually going to work for you. You may also want to try this proven fat loss program first and decide later. So…

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What is all the press about ABS?

I will talk about Mike Geary and why you should have his fat loss and abs program, later. First of all, let me help you get some basic facts on six pack abs. I know how confusing it is out there.

  • Magazines have beautiful men and women showing off their flat stomach on their front cover.

  • Celebrities trying to sell you their latest diet program or fitness video are talking about how easy it is to get six pack abs.

  • You turn on the tv and the first thing you come across is an infomercial offering to sell you the secrets of abs of steel.

  • You read articles about the cost of being unfit in social life.

  • You are tired and sick of the cruel reality that most stylish clothes don’t come in plus sizes.

YOU want six pack abs, and YOU want them now!

The truth is you are not alone. There should be a reason for all the media coverage this particular part of the body is getting, right? But not all the media or those “experts” really know what they are talking about. And their ignorance is costing you one precious gift you have…your health!

Most people today have excessive abdominal fat which places them at greater risk for developing serious health problems. So it’s not only a ‘cosmetic’ issue, but it’s also about choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Abdomen (stomach area) is the core of your body. This is why extra belly fat is a bigger health risk than excessive fat in other parts of the body, like hips and thighs. Belly fat is linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

When you think about ab exercise, do you tend to think about flattening your stomach and looking better? Your abs are not just for looking great. They protect your stomach, kidneys, liver, colon and they have a big role in almost every movement you make.

Toning abs is becoming more and more important for a better life. You should immediately consider getting rid of those love handles.

Man or woman, young or old…

At any fitness level…

Getting a flat stomach should be on your to-do list, no matter who you are.

Who is Mike Geary and why should I listen to him?

Well, there’s been a big tsunami of weight loss experts nowadays and as I’ve mentioned above, not all of them know what they are talking about. So you have all the rights asking these questions.


You’ve probably heard of Mike’s name before, or have read some of his fitness articles published over 1,300 fitness websites around the world. You may have also heard him as a special guest speaker on several radio shows.

Mike Geary is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer and his special area is body fat reduction strategies with functional strength and power training. He’s been involved with fitness and sports for almost 20 years so he’s not one of those internet hypes. You can be sure of this one thing, he doesn’t preach to his readers about fitness and then goes off and eats a box of donuts and smokes cigarettes like some other trainers do.

Why you should listen to him?

Because, doing so, you’ll discover the abs that lies hidden in your body… Yes, they are really there in your body!

Abs Diet

Mike, as a true expert who practices what he preaches, leads you through some of the best discoveries you’ll ever make about weight loss. For example, you’ll find what some shocking foods can help you to get fit and stay fit for life.

  • Do you know how many hidden evils there are in our food supply and what are them?

  • Do you know the real reason why not to follow fad diets?

Mike does an excellent job of explaining nutrition, diets, food types and he’s giving away some of the best secrets about dietary strategies. You’ll find lots of gems in Truth About Six Pack Abs, like…

  • 15 little-known secrets for revving up your metabolism and burning body fat 24/7

  • 13 nutritional secrets that will have you burning far more calories without ever feeling deprived or hungry

  • 84 meal plans designed to give you endless ideas for balanced healthy meals and snacks that keep you energized and in fat-burning mode throughout your day…

Reading what Mike tells about balanced healthy eating, you’ll find an answer to why most fat loss approaches simply don’t work. The nutrition section of this book is highly important because it will open your eyes.

The secret to great abs isn’t in doing the latest ab exercises…

Truth About Six Pack Abs is full of useful information and easy to accomplish ideas, not only about healthy eating but also about exercise and fitness strategies. And all of them were designed for specific needs of those who want to get six pack abs. Here are a few exercise and fitness secrets found in Truth About Six Pack Abs:

  • How to modify your exercise routines to make them twice as effective for stripping away body fat

  • 6 Secret-Weapon exercises that build a rock-hard core and stimulate fat loss like nothing else in existence

  • Why some of the most common exercises are also a complete waste of your time

  • The REAL exercises that will burn 3-4 times more calories and fat than the exercises you’ve probably been doing…

Frequently Asked ‘Fat Loss and Abs’ Questions

Showing his readers some specific exercises that are proven to burn the most fat and tone perfect six pack abs, Mike is also answering the most common fitness related questions in this book. A few of them are:

  • Equipment or no equipment for ab training?

  • Which is the best, home workout or gym?

  • What would be the ideal frequency and duration of ab training?

  • What steps to follow for getting six pack abs?

  • How long would it take you to get six pack abs?

  • Even the real truth about genetics!

He also provides us with actual lists of good and bad ab exercises, along with real life pics of himself performing those.

It’s also great that, if you go and grab your copy, you’ll be given example routines from beginner exercise levels to advanced ones. You just need to modify things to your level and capability. (Click hereif you want the original program combined with brand new video series!)

If you’re serious about having perfectly toned abs, you can’t just use any product!







Quit just talking about it!

You know how easy it is to start a fitness regime and then run out of enthusiasm. We all are too busy with work, family and social life. ‘I don’t have enough time’ is a common excuse.

One of the biggest benefits you’ll get from this book it can effectively assist you to overcome your excuses. You can think of it as a motivating self-help program so you also won’t have to burn your money on self-help books which you buy with high hopes in order to help you with fat loss goals. Most of the weight loss and ab training programs in the market don’t come with ‘motivation’ stuff. Truth About Six Pack Abs does!

It’s clear that Mike wants to make sure you take action and get the best of his work. For people who want to get in shape but can’t get started, The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a real gem!

At first glance, The Truth About Six Pack Abs might seem a bit overwhelming. It spans over 120 pages. Is 120 pages too long for you? Come on! Those pages are full of high quality content, and are easy to read. The ebook is an awesome combination of pure info on almost anything related to weight loss, a step by step guide, additional meal plans and menu ideas, and lots of tips.

Sounds promising, right? Actually, there’s more… and more revealed in my Truth About Abs review.

 Now ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you know why you might be struggling to lose that stubborn stomach fat that’s covering up your abs?

  • Are you trying to train your abs directly because you’ve heard from somewhere that ab exercises burn the fat around abs area?

  • Finally… Do you want to discover how to train smart to reach your body’s potential in the quickest possible time?

Take a deep breath and think of… the crimes you commit against your body!


What I’m introducing you to is not just your typical weight loss product. It’s something that will change the way you see and understand things. Once you get Mike’s stuff right and start using his techniques regularly, you’ll be showing off your ripped abs in no time flat. People will be complimenting you on your perfectly toned stomach and you’ll be proud of not just with your six pack absbut also of your improved health.

2 main reasons why most fat loss and ab training programs do not work and why The Truth About Six Pack Abs is different …

  1. Most fat loss products and ab training programs focus on abs exercises. But you can get better results by NOT focusing on them. Mike gives his readers detailed instructions and photos on how to do abs exercises right. But this is not his main focus. You’ll discover one secret method that can maximize your body’s fat burning effect. And it’s not another abs exercise that will freak you out!

  2. Almost every other program out there tells us that we must do endless cardio exercise regularly to lose fat and get six pack abs. Mike says we don’t have to do any typical cardio if we don’t want to! And he explains the reasons why he actually recommends against it. Did you know that steady-pace cardio was proven in the research studies to be far less effective in the long term at reducing body fat? I didn’t until I read Truth About Six Pack Abs

3 more reasons…

  1. This program does NOT revolve around having to use supplements or “fat loss” pills.

  2. This program does not revolve around using any fancy “ab machines” or “ab gadgets”.

  3. This program does not include some sort of fad diet or gimmicky diet trend.

And one more reason for ladies out there…  


 You will learn how to burn belly fat and get sexy hot abs without having to worry about ‘bulking up’!

Actually, I can give you more reasons why you should prefer Truth About Six Pack Abs program over most others. But I want to keep this short and simple. I call this program One Truth to Rule Them All! And this truth will lead you through your weight loss journey if you are…

  • An overweighted person who want to lose a lot of weight

  • A fit person who just want to lose that last bit of fat

  • A bodybuilder who is struggling to build those muscles of steel

  • Someone in between those extremes

It doesn’t really matter what kind of shape you’re in right now, what gender or even how old you are. What matters is that you start, right here and now, to get into the best shape of YOUR entire LIFE…


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Free Bonus Ebook 2 – 37 pages! “Weight Loss, You Can Do It, Too”

This ebook shows you little-known secrets on how to keep belly gremlins quiet! Some topics you’ll discover through this awesome ebook are how to get in tune with yourself, when and how to get professional help, proven tactics to help you eat consciously, fashion tips for larger women and men.

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 So you’ve done reading my Truth About Abs review. Cool. Now you can get it and make a change in your life.

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